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This is just the briefest of emails to say what a splendid job your installer did on Friday, in fitting our Harvey ‘Minimax’ water softener.
Not only was he immensely considerate in the way he went about the installation (given that friends had arrived for lunch in the middle of the installation and he had to work around the fact that there was nowhere else for us to eat except in the kitchen!), but he also carried out the work thoroughly and with great attention to detail.
We are now back on softened water and I am delighted to say that we are very pleased with the installation that your firm has carried out for us.
Best Regards,
Mr S, Chard – September 2017

We saw Jolyon at the Honiton Show who was very knowledgeable and Kieron came to our home yesterday.
Kieron was also knowledgeable, answering all our questions confidently; personable, with an endearing sense of humour and had an easy sales style?
We had an enjoyable 2-hour visit and are now looking forward to our softener being fitted on 31st August.
Mrs F, Bridport – August 17

Mrs S has called in she has just moved into property and Kieron went today to change her filter. She wanted it passed on that he was “one in a million” and explained everything in laymans terms and a “ perfect gentleman” He will have to polish his halo!!
Mrs S, – August 17

Brilliant job! Greg reconfigured the whole under sink area including double sink waste and mains water supply to enable the fitting of the water softener. All valves and connections were positioned for ease of access. The job area was kept clean at all times and all rubbish removed on completion. I cannot fault the job at all which was completed above expectations and I would thoroughly endorse and recommend On Tap.
Mr W, Ottery St. Mary – November 16