bathroom water softener

Bathroom Renovation

If you’re thinking it’s time to throw out that old bath or upgrade your shower then why not consider a Water Softener to protect your investment.
Softened water can turn bath time into the height of luxury, smooth and silky with more bubbles. Soap goes a lot further leaving no residue on your skin. The bath and shower will stay cleaner, longer, with no scale buildup.
The benefits of softened water are often hidden, for example, preventing scale buildup inside hot water tanks and combination boilers. Scale-free heat exchangers are more efficient, the boiler can get on with heating the water instead of having to heat the scale first.

Scale build up removed.

 Scale that may have built up over the years inside pipework and on appliance heating elements will be gradually and effectively removed, once your water softener is fitted.

Water Softener installation.

 A water softener is normally installed near the stop tap for the incoming water supply. The logistics for installing a water softener seem to vary from home to home. On Tap Water Treatment offer a free, no obligation home survey so that the best system to suit your household can be specified and the details of installation discussed.
To arrange a free home demonstration call 01458 274289 and speak to one of our helpful staff.