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Soft Soap

soapWe are now able to offer a soap powder which has been specially formulated for use with softened water. A fraction of the amount of powder you are used to using is all that is needed. A single pack will give up to 50 washes.

Click below to read all about it.

L688 (05-12) Harvey Washing Powder Leaflet

To order soap powder call us  01458 274289

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On Condensing Boliers

I never realised but a 1mm layer of scale on the surface of your new condensing boilers heat exchanger, effectively turns it into a non condensing boiler.

One customer of ours wrecked the heat exchanger on their brand new boiler in just 5 months, now with an Ecowater ESM11+  fitted they have peace of mind and a clean efficient boiler.

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February 2012

Ecowater, one of our main suppliers, asked us to contact an enquirer some distance from our base in Somerset because of our expertise in private supplies.

The customer had a large country mansion which had been refurbished over the last few years, including a completely new plumbing system. The contractors had installed a “magnetic water conditioner” which had made no difference to the buildup of scale within the hot water system.

After a site visit we were able to offer solutions not only the main house but also other applications around the property in flats and offices. Because space in some of the sites around the property were tight we were able to also install our MiniMax M2 “Block salt softener” and an Ecowater R30 semi commercial softener for the main house.

1This magnetic device was found to be ineffective in dealing with the very hard water found from this Bore hole supply.

When fitting the water softeners it was interesting to see that a variety of different scale conditioners that had been tried, all to no effect.

With a properly sized and installed water softener we can guarantee soft water.





2Magnetic, electronic or ceramic, non are as effective as a proper “Ion Exchange” water softener.

We prefer to survey each application to ensure that we specify the correct equipment.

Give us a call on 01458 274289 to book your no obligation survey.


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Continuous Product Training

trainingOn Tap is lucky to have continuous product training from our suppliers like Ecowater and MiniMax from Harvey Softeners.

We are not just satisfied with product training and have instigated our own in house electrical training and even have our own electrical apprentice.

Keith Buck a local electrical trainer has held training sessions specifically tailored for our needs.

Phil (right) gets a lesson on the correct way to wire armoured cable from Keith Buck.

Where a pump may have to installed away from the main building either in a well or borehole then we would need to make sure the cable is safely buried and protected from accidental damage. Regulations demand the use of an armoured SWA cable.

Careful consideration is also required with regard to loading and voltage drop caused by excessive distances.

On Tap will take all this in their stride.

Call 01458 274289


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accountingOur Accounts supervisor, Donna Culliford, has now achieved her fellowship from The Association of Accounting Technicians.

She even got her picture in one of their brochures, well done.

She certainly keeps us on the straight and narrow, always to the penny.

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On Tap’s Rapid Response

When a local school partly burnt down it lost it’s water treatment and pumping system the only option seemed closure. On Tap were able to give a rapid response and worked with the contractors to install a temporary water storage, treatment and pumping system, in record time. All the equipment required was held in stock at Somerton and was installed quickly to allow the school to reopen.

Next thing we need is a water bowser so that we can deliver water to properties who run low.

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It’s Been Very Dry

wellDespite the forecast most people are unaware just how dry it has been unless they are farmers or people on their own private water supply.

We are getting an increasing number of customers who are getting worried about low water levels in shallow wells, common in the south west of England. On Tap has been able to improve matters by increasing water storage to take advantage of the supply over 24 hours or by introducing water from rainwater systems or rivers and streams.

We are also able to advise on whether a bore hole is a viable option subject to geological information and can organise the whole project from divining and drilling to pumping and treatment.


Don’t waste time looking for water at the bottom of your well, call On Tap Water Treatment from Somerton on

01458 274289


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Proudly Keeping It Local

Well at least some parts of one of our top selling products is made in Somerset.

Avalon Plastics was able to offer the accuracy needed to satisfy ‘Harvey Softeners’ strict quality control and won the contract to supply the main brine cabinet for our MiniMax M2 water softener.









Avalon Plastics Wirral Park, Glastonbury

Keep up the good work!

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Supporting Water Aid

‘On Tap’ are pleased to be supporting WaterAid again this year with their Exeter School’s tenth WaterAid Concert.

If you would like to attend, the concert is being held at St David’s Church Exeter on the 4th May. For more details please contact   wateraid@southwestwater.co.uk or give us a call on 01458 274289.

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A Case Study

A bit of a case study here where we were called to a customer who was having problems with a traditional 2 pump booster set. Despite checking out all the pressure switches and connections there were still problems.


The complex traditional relay panel was giving problems which resulted in the pumps either not starting or not stopping.

We were able to offer the latest dual variable speed booster set as a quick and simple alternative. The 4HM9 pumps were available from stock and the customer was soon back with a reliable water supply.







Connection couldn’t be simpler, just plug into the mains and away they go.



To see a complete system look at our page on Booster pumps.  The pumps are controlled by varying their speed to control the pressure at the desired setting. The pumps are linked by a signal cable which allows the 2 pumps to communicate and respond to varying water flow demand.

The controllers also have a connection for a low level switch to protect the pumps from dry running.


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A New Member Joins Our Team

Welcome to a new member of our team:

Mike Lock

Mike Lock

Pump specialist Mike Lock has now joined us and is tasked with looking after all our pump customers.

His background in the pumping industry brings a wealth of experience to ‘On Tap’ and has strengthened our rapidly developing pump business.

If you have a pump maintenance issue or would like advice on a pressure boosting project then please contact us here or give us a call on 01458 274289.

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Happy New Year 2011

A very Happy New Year to one and all.

We hope everyone has survived the freezing conditions. Despite this being the coldest period on record and some of our customers reporting temperatures as low as  minus 14C, frost damage has been minimal.

All pumping and water treatment equipment requires insulation, if in doubt about the standard of protection around your plant we will be pleased to advise.

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Merry Christmas 2010


A very Merry Christmas to all our friends and customers  from a very snowy Somerton.

A big thank you for all your support during the last year which has meant we have been able to make a £500 donation to WaterAid, our favourite charity.

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A Hard Winter

The hard winter earlier in the year has resulted in salt supplies occasionally being tight. No problems now, we will have plenty to meet everyone’s needs, just call 01458 274289 to book your delivery in good time before the holiday period.

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A Note on Appliances

After 1 year on hard water an ‘A’ rated appliance will become ‘B’ rated.

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