On Tap Water Softener Service

Before you decide on a new water softener, it might be worth trying to repair the old one. Good, well made water softeners can last 15 to 20 years provided they are maintained and looked after properly.

We also offer annual water softener service programs. This includes having your water tested and any necessary parts changed. We can also drop off some salt whilst we’re there.

Because we have over 35 years of domestic and commercial installations our engineers know what they are doing. We have a lot of experience in the Somerset area working on all the major types of water softener – Harveys, Minimax, Ecowater, Culligan, Waterside, Kinetico, Liff, Aquadial, Permutit, Ensign, Calmag, Fleck and Autotrol.

So if your water softener has broken down, before you decide on a replacement why not see if we can fix it? Our callouts start from just £79 in the Somerset area and if it can’t be repaired we will refund your money off the price of a replacement part exchange machine.

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