At On Tap Water Treatment we supply specialist domestic water softener prices range from £650 to over £2000 inclusive of VAT. The equipment we recommend will depend upon factors such as water hardness, water consumption, space available etc.

Installation costs can vary and we will always give you an accurate, no obligation, quotation following a site survey at your home.

Of course, you can always buy it cheaper!! But beware, things may not always be as they seem!

cost of water softener

A quick scan of budget DIY stores can show a water softener from as little as £400, your plumber may also claim that they can supply a cheap water softener.

The old adage “ You get what you pay for” also applies to Water Softeners.

The best Water Softener for your household may not be the cheapest to buy initially but should be designed to ensure efficiency and the lowest running costs over the life of the machine.

By installing an On Tap Water Softening System the benefits you will notice from reduced water heating costs and cleaning materials will rapidly overtake the running costs of a correctly specified unit. In fact, this is one of the reasons people often say that they don’t know why they didn’t contact On Tap sooner.

Modern softener design ensures the salt and water used to cleanse the system is reduced to a minimum. We will only supply specialist ‘meter controlled’ water softeners which take into account the amount of water your household is using and minimizes it’s cleaning cycles, (ie Regenerations) thus keeping the running costs to you to an absolute a minimum.

Call On Tap today for more information and to arrange a no obligation quotation. 01458 274289