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The effects of Hard Water in your home can be seen and felt every day as you wash, shower and try to clean lime scale from bathrooms and sinks. And that’s only the effects that you can see.

The effects of Hard Water are very real problem for business and homeowners alike. Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate, in Hard Water, damages not only heating systems but also appliances and leaves unsightly marks everywhere it touches.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Hard Water means more cleaning products and housework to combat unsightly scum and scale residues on clothes, basins, shower screens and other household surfaces.

Scale build up, hidden inside hot water tanks and combination boiler heat exchangers, makes water heating more expensive and repairs costly. Just ¼” (6mm) of scale will increase your water heating costs by 55%

Feel the Difference Straight Away

Fitting a properly specified On Tap Water Softener changes your world.

You will notice showers and bathing become luxurious and shaving a pleasurable experience.

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dry skin can be soothed and alleviated by using softened water.

The amount of cleaning products you need are minimised and the time taken cleaning is significantly reduced.
Laundry requires only a fraction of the normal soap and you can feel that it is softer and fresher.
No more scale will be deposited within your plumbing system and existing scale will gradually be removed, reverting your heating system to full efficiency.

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Free Water Hardness Test

To make sure you buy the right machine for your household it is important to consider water hardness, water pressure and water demand as well as the best place to install within your home to achieve optimal results.

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