reverse osmosis system

A very practical way to reduce contaminants.

Membrane technology, originally developed for use in space, has been utilized to produce domestic under sink water purifiers.

Making good water better.

Reverse Osmosis (RO), drinking water purification is a practical way to reduce contaminants from drinking water.

Water from your supply is forced under pressure through a semi permeable membrane which is so fine that only water molecules are allowed to pass through. Contaminants are flushed to waste and the resulting purified stream is directed to a sealed, pressurised storage tank ready for delivery to your tap.

The production can be quite slow and is affected by the incoming water pressure and water temperature. Collecting the water in the storage tank gives a useable supply for filling kettles, coffee machines, jugs and drinking water generally. A domestic RO unit will provide around 50 Litres per day of drinking water. The storage tank holds up to 6 litres for immediate use.

Low Pressure – No Problem

Generally, we need a minimum pressure of around 2.75 Bar (40 psi) for the membrane to perform satisfactorily.

If your mains water supply pressure is too low we can supply small booster pumped versions, so with an inlet pressure of just 0.7Bar (10psi) the boosted pressure will give full capacity to the RO.

Under sink installation

 Reverse Osmosis system fit neatly under the sink with a connection to the mains water supply, storage tank, drain, and separate drinking tap. Filter changes on the Ecowater ERO375 model are made without even having to turn off the water supply.