To improve the taste of your drinking water supply or to really purify your drinking water supply ‘On Tap’ has a range of solutions.

Drinking Water Filtration


Granular Activated Carbon

Carbon from Coconut shell, once treated offers a massive surface area which is able to absorb contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides as well as improve the taste of your supply by removing sediment and chlorine.

We offer a range of filter housings and cartridges to meet your requirements. In a domestic situation a small filter housing would be installed under the kitchen sink and be connected by flexible pipes to the mains supply. The filtered water is dispensed through and additional drinking tap fixed into the sink or worktop.

Quality kits are available for DIY fit or we can install for you. Everything you need to assemble the kit is included in the box, the only tools you will need are a cross head screwdriver and an electric drill with an 11mm drill. Full instructions are included.

Prices from £80.00 inclusive of VAT

crystal-clear-guide-to-drinking-waterYou can download our ‘Crystal Clear Guide to Improving Your Drinking Water here and of course, if you get stuck with installation we are happy to help you.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process where water is forced under pressure through a ‘semi permeable membrane’. The water that passes through the membrane is largely less the salts present in the raw water, the contaminates are rejected by the membrane and flow as a concentrate to waste. With a domestic RO the production of purified water is quite slow and is normally stored in a small tank ready to be dispensed when required.

This Domestic RO unit requires a minimum feed pressure of 2.8 Bar ( 40 psi) to operate correctly.

The pressure and the temperature of the raw water greatly affect the performance of the unit since ‘thinner’ warmer water will pass through the membrane more easily.

The amount of solids dissolved (TDS) in the supply also has to be considered, the higher the TDS the lower the production. These units are not designed to operate on water with a TDS higher than 2000 ppm.

A typical small domestic unit will produce enough high quality drinking water to supply a family of 4. The storage tank holds 6 litres ready for immediate use, the system can produce up to 50 litres per day.

The systems are supplied in a complete kit for DIY fit or alternatively we will be pleased to install and commission the system for you.

crystal-clear-guide-to-drinking-waterYou can download our ‘Crystal Clear Guide to Improving Your Drinking Water here.