Ultra Violet Sterilisers

Ultra Violet light is a natural way of purifying water. Light energy @ 254 nano metres wave length disrupts the DNA of bacteria and virus cells.

The light is created by low pressure lamps, the lamps are installed inside a lead free quartz glass tube, the UV energy shines into the water flow.

To ensure adequate light transmittance it is important that the water is treated by pre-filtration of at least 5 micron.

If iron or other contaminants are present these must be dealt with by adequate treatment, a full water analysis may be required to find the potential problems.

We have a range of units to suit different flow rates from small domestic units rated at 19 litres per minute to multiple larger units up to several cubic meters per hour.

The UV disinfection process is a natural, light based process, it doesn’t produce disinfection by-products nor does in impact the taste or odour of the drinking water.

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