On Tap Water Treatment has grown to know Devon and Somerset very well over the last 28 years, installing water softeners Devon, customers have enjoyed softened water from Sidmouth to Honiton and Axminster, Seaton, Lyme Regis and beyond.

Combat the perils and problems of hard water of Devon by buying a water softener. As a Water Softeners Devon company, we promise to help you choose the best product and to install it for you at no extra cost. Save money, save your drainage system, save your appliances and wash your dishes faster! No more, unpalatable water!
There is usually a service or installation engineer in your area most days of the week ready to deliver salt or change a drinking water filter, just call the office on 01458 274289 to schedule a visit.
Where customers are unclear of their actual water hardness we are happy to call and carry out a free water hardness test as well as explaining how water softening could help your household.
Devon is also a county with a high number of private water supplies from wells and boreholes. On Tap has grown in knowledge and is confident to deal with the most troublesome supplies especially where iron or acidic water is present.
 A full water analysis is often the best starting point to determine the best treatment system, from pH correction and iron reduction to chlorine dosing and Ultra Violet sterilisers.
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