Irked with the hardness and tastelessness of water available at Dorset? Why not go the way the residents of Bridport, Weymouth and Gillingham have gone? On Tap Water Treatment offer independent advice to help you choose the best Water Softeners Dorset for your home. Opt for Water Softeners Dorset device and service to enjoy extremely soft and delicious water that ensures faster cleaning and durable appliances.
How Hard Is My Water?
The water across Dorset is considered very hard. If you would like to find out how hard your water supply is,
fill in the enquiry form or call 01458 274289 and ask for your free water hardness tester.
On Tap has fitted Water Softeners Dorset all across Dorset. People are enjoying the luxury of softened water
from Gillingham and Shaftesbury, right through to Bridport and Weymouth.