Ecowater, one of our main suppliers, asked us to contact an enquirer some distance from our base in Somerset because of our expertise in private supplies.

The customer had a large country mansion which had been refurbished over the last few years, including a completely new plumbing system. The contractors had installed a “magnetic water conditioner” which had made no difference to the buildup of scale within the hot water system.

After a site visit we were able to offer solutions not only the main house but also other applications around the property in flats and offices. Because space in some of the sites around the property were tight we were able to also install our MiniMax M2 “Block salt softener” and an Ecowater R30 semi commercial softener for the main house.

1This magnetic device was found to be ineffective in dealing with the very hard water found from this Bore hole supply.

When fitting the water softeners it was interesting to see that a variety of different scale conditioners that had been tried, all to no effect.

With a properly sized and installed water softener we can guarantee soft water.





2Magnetic, electronic or ceramic, non are as effective as a proper “Ion Exchange” water softener.

We prefer to survey each application to ensure that we specify the correct equipment.

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