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Exeter School 16th Annual Concert for WaterAid

Every year we support Exeter School in a special concert to raise funds for international charity WaterAid.

All proceeds from the concert will go directly to WaterAid projects in Zambia, helping some of the country’s poorest communities gain access to clean water and safe sanitation.

The concert takes place at St Michael’s Church, Heavitree, from 7.30pm on Wednesday 26 April.

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Frome Show

We’ve had a busy summer attending shows across our area from Honiton & Gillingham to Melplash and Sherborne.

One of our last shows this year is at Frome Show Ground on Saturday 10th September. We hope you can make it.

There will be a full range of equipment on display from water softeners and filtration systems to booster pumps and borehole systems.

Adrian will be on hand to answer your questions.IMG_2214


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Gillingham Show 2016

We had wonderful weather at the Honiton show, fingers crossed for the Gillingham show on 17th August. Come and see water softeners and pumping equipment on display.


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March 2015

Frame Mounted Batch Counter

Frame Mounted Batch Counter

A Bridgwater drinks manufacturer required a batch counter for it’s mixing system, On Tap were able to supply a combined filtration, steriliser and batch counter combined. The Sterilight unit gives UV status and count down to lamp changes as well as warning of lamp failure.

The unit was mounted on  a stainless steel frame, batch quantities are entered into the electronic control unit, the solenoid valve closes once the batch quantity has passed the water meter.

Scale buildup on shower screens and tiles is often the worst nightmare for households in the hard water areas found in Somerset, Devon and Dorset.



I spoke with one homeowner last week, from Honiton, who told me that once we had fitted his, MiniMax M2, he now no longer needed to clean the shower screen daily and hadn’t touched it for several months.


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Noddy’s Drinking Bowl


Scaled Drinking Bowl

Scale was very evident on “Noddy’s” drinking bowl, one of the first signs that your water supply is hard. Scales forms when the water is evaporated or heated. The most damage goes on hidden from view in your heating system.

Noddy’s owner, who lives near Wincanton in Somerset, fitted an Ecowater ESM11+ along with a ERO375 reverse osmosis drinking water purifier from On Tap Water Treatment and the problem disappeared.

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February 2014

delonghiI was surprised with the instructions on 2 new kitchen appliances we bought last week. One was a floor steam cleaner and the other was a coffee maker. Both devices were supplied with descaling sticks and strict instructions on how important it was to keep them scale free.

No problem in this household though, with an Ecowater ESM11+ the house has perfectly softened water, the Ecowater ERO 375 Reverse Osmosis unit then gives highly purified water at the kitchen sink, really convenient for the coffee maker. The RO water is so sweet to drink too!

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25 Years In Business

25-yearsWhen I started On Tap Water Treatment 25 years ago I never dreamed I would be applying a sticker like this on the back of my truck. I am so grateful for the support of all my customers over the years.


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Happy New Year 2014

Good news from Ecowater there will be no price increase this year!

We’re looking forward to helping our customers deal with their hard water problems. The Ecowater ESM9+ is not only compact but will easily cope with a modist family home. For larger homes there are 2 larger models, the ESM11+ and the ESM15+. For commercial premises or large country houses the Ecowater R30 is ideal. For help in choosing the correct machine ask us for our ‘no obligation survey’  Call us free on 0500 549030.

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July 2013

“There will always be a shortage of plumbers & people with good ideas” Well we certainly agree with the shortage of a plumber and we are recruiting.

Our ever increasing work load means we need some help. We are looking for an experienced plumber who would like to widen their experience and also become a water treatment technician to supplement their skills base.

Interested? Send us your CV

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You Get What You Pay For

I’ve done it again, when will I ever learn? Bought a chain saw from a catalogue company, it was only £99, how can they make them for that?

The quality was lacking and I will probably wind up buying another proper one!

The same applies when choosing a water softener, we only supply quality equipment, I’ve heard too many sob stories from customers who have bought a ‘cheap’ softener. For advice on the best water softener to suit you give us a call.

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March 2013

3A customer near Chard required security of his water supply when he developed the barn for holiday lets. With modern plumbing requiring full direct flow to all basins, sinks and showers a Duplex Booster from ‘On Tap’ was the ideal answer.

The spring supply was painfully slow so a 2000 Litre tank was installed to store sufficient water to cope with the highest demand. The water was boosted by using 2 Lowara Teknospeed variable speed pumps.

When running at full speed, and if the demand calls for both pumps, they can deliver 200 Litres per minute at 4 Bar

or 60 psi . The water was also filtered and sterilised by using an Ultra Violet unit.

We build these booster sets ‘in house’ to keep costs down and achieve quick delivery times.

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February 2013

‘No corrosion in boilers’  At last it’s official, after an extensive tests conducted with 2 identical boiler systems, one on hard water and one on softened water, the corrosion coupons proved that soft water does not corrode boilers, even ones with aluminium heat exchangers:-

Here is the statement from UKWTA:-

Above: Typical Coupon Bundle after Removal from Test


It’s official!

Over the lifetime of a modern central heating system, filling with base-exchange softened hard mains water would appear to present no significantly greater risk of corrosion of system metals than filling with hard mains water.

That’s the main conclusion of the Report by BSi following six months corrosion testing in hard and softened mains waters in identical central heating systems.

In accordance with the agreement with BSi, the Report is now being circulated in its entirety to professional bodies and associations in the plumbing industry and the UKWTA is writing to boiler manufacturers to ask them to consider their position regarding the suitability of their boilers with base-exchange softened water in light of the evidence presented.

The UKWTA is also approaching WRc to address the issue of incorporating appropriate tests into the BuildCert test protocol to evaluate the performance of chemical corrosion inhibitors in base-exchanged softened water. The results of the report show that the current ‘open pots tests’ do not reflect performance under normal heating system conditions.

The UKWTA is now embarking upon the testing of proprietary corrosion inhibitor chemicals in the heating systems filled with base-exchange softened water to benchmark background corrosion performance levels as the basis for a future test method and British Standard.

The challenges for the BuildCert experts are now to explain how the rationale behind testing products in the existing 2-week pot test under aerated conditions relates to long term service in the oxygen deficient environment of a real heating system and how to develop a series of appropriate accelerated tests which demonstrate the benefit of adding an inhibitor in reducing corrosion below the background levels.

On behalf of the UKWTA, I would like to take this opportunity to again thank member companies and sponsors who’s financial support in funding the research made this study possible.


Dr. Carl Jasper

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A Happy New Year and a Happy Customer In Milborne Port


Scale in Egg Pan

It didn’t take much to prove how hard the water is in the Sherborne area, our customer’s egg boiling pan was proof enough.

Once we had fitted his MiniMax M2 Block Salt Water Softener the scale quickly started to receed from the faithful pan.

It’s nice to know the same is happening, hidden from view, inside the hot water tank and the boiler heat exchanger.

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100 Pints Not Out

colinCongratulations are due to our Colin Edwards who has donated 100 pints to the blood transfusion service, well done Colin.

Although officially retired Colin enjoys working for us part time, he is our resident carpenter and completes our Weather Protection cabinets after moulding and packs them for despatch. Insulated enclosures are often required where we install equipment outside and Colin is our man.

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Helping Hand For Eczema Sufferer

little-boyOn Tap was please to help a family near Dorchester, where the youngest child suffers from severe eczema. His mother was happy to give the following statement:

“As a parent of a child with eczema (and also as a GP) I was interested to find out whether softened water would help my son.
Our paediatrician recommended that it may help and On Tap offered to give us a trial period with a water softener.
His skin was less red and dry. We noticed a significant improvement over our 2 months trial as well as the other benefits of softened water.
We are pleased to be continuing with the water softener as we’ve seen that it is one of the factors that helps our son’s eczema.
Thank you to On Tap for excellent customer care!”

It was a nice feeling knowing we had made a difference.

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